I’m Amity Cooper. I help mental health professionals move from clinical and entrepreneurial overwhelm to tech-enhanced professional mastery.

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I’m Amity Cooper. I help mental health professionals move from clinical and entrepreneurial overwhelm to tech-enhanced professional mastery.

"As a Master Performance Coach and Mentor to the top 1% I have had the privilege of working with Amity Cooper. Amity is an esteemed professional. She is powerful, passionate and engaging. Amity over delivers on promises. I know her to be of the highest principles and integrity. I give her my finest endorsement."


Dr. Betty Orlandino

“Be in Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself”

-Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s

I define the T-Zone as your therapreneurial wheelhouse; your place where your passions and purpose come together to create your special area of genius - where that inner entrepreneur aligns with your inner healer.

Unfortunately, a lot of clinicians have problem areas that need cleaned up before they have that ideal T-Zone.

  • Lack of business awareness
  • Skillsets quickly outpaced by technology
  • A dysfunctional relationship 
  • Not enough time
  • Lack of support
  • A fixed mindset
  • Burnout

That’s why I’ve created this community resource hub--so you can build up your inner entrepreneurial zone of genius.

Managing Your Life and Business Shouldn’t Be So Overwhelming or Complex.

We Have A Mental Health Crisis On Our Hands.

The United States needs 1 million additional mental health professionals.

We’re on the mental health frontlines, everyday. The modern landscape of busyness isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it feels like our lives are speeding forward at an exponential rate of velocity.

It’s a fact: even with all our training and tools, we can’t impact or reach the thousands in desperate need, fast enough.

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"Amity is able to truly hear the essence of a person's process. She can zero in on the ways in which ideas become realities and how a person's skills can be utilized for maximum outcome..."


Sarah Moser

We Need to Level-Up Our Tech Skills to Expand Our Reach

That T-Zone needs the perfect balance. You have the skills to counsel. It’s time to give you that same know-how in running a practice - without having to go back for another degree!

That’s why I founded the Clinical Career Collective (a.k.a. C3)--a membership and community hub for the mental health professional, at-large.

C3 helps you, the mental health practitioner, take a realistic look in the mirror so that you can grow into the clinician and therapreneur you dreamt of becoming.

Our online programs, workshops, and process groups are meant for you--the healing, in-service professional.  Purchase my digital products and choose from our hand-picked therapreneur goodies to learn, advance, and support your clinical and business journey here.

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If that’s too slow, bypass that, and skip to my upcoming programs to kickstart your clinical practice now.

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Because we believe so deeply in the power of technology, we are a proud sponsor of the organization, EveryoneOn.org. Help close the digital divide with your donation. Just $10 can provide internet access to a family in need for one month.

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Congratulations. You’ve Done It!

You’ve completed your clinical training and are wondering what‘s next. Don’t worry, we’ve got your bases covered. With our Private Practice By Design™ program, you’ll step into your clinical business shoes with ease.

Follow our lead: learn about what you should do first, so you can advance From Clinical to Professional status, becoming the clinical and business owner you dreamt of being.


Every Week, Day After Day, You Are Helping Others. Who’s Helping You?

Schedule a professional development consultation with Amity Cooper. This time is yours to seek advice, solutions, and strategies in areas that you need support, in order to make your practice thrive.

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Advance your career

  • Learn powerful marketing funnels to attract clients effortlessly
  • Use exponential technology to work for you
  • Streamline your systems
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Retrain your brain to remove blocks that keep money at a distance
  • Network with peers and get ongoing support
  • Embrace an abundance mindset and become virtually unlimited

Discover how to embrace your Unfair Advantage to Learn, Advance, and Become virtually unlimited in your life and practice.

2021 Upcoming Events

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7-Day Bootcamp
Online Course

Only $997 $497 until MAY 2021
Did your degree in the world of behavioral health leave you uneducated in the practical business aspects of owning your own practice? It can seem daunting and confusing. This 7-day bootcamp will guide you on how you can successfully establish and open your own private practice. Enrollment is open now.

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Clinical-Community Process Group

Are you looking for connection and support and community? Starting in the new year, we are taking applications for our small clinical process groups (limited to 8 members each). If you are lacking camaraderie, professional connection, and an empathetic ear. This is the right place for you. Accepting applications now. Opens in June 2021 (3 month minimum).

Yes! I Want A Professional Community

Studies Show That Approximately 66% of Graduate Students Plan to Open a Private Practice (2014)

Within the ACA membership, only 10.45% report running private practices (ACA, 2011)

One out of two counselors who begin a clinical practice will be out of business in 5 years (ACA, 2011)

Our accreditation & training institutes leave out best business practices of our in-service training

“Amity’s service is great for understanding the more technical and business aspects for our profession in addition to providing a great social support network...”


Grant Kobayashi-Hinds

Are You a Mental Health Professional Struggling to Adapt to Today’s Virtual World?

Did you struggle with the question, “How do I serve if I cannot even sit down and listen to my client’s face-to-face?”

For most mental and behavioral healthcare practitioners, we had to pivot and fast.

That’s why I knew I needed to take action and open up the conversation for the mental health professional, at large, to learn, advance, and become more technologically engaged and confident in their clinical practices.

Virtually Unlimited…

The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit Package offers six days of interviews with leading experts in clinical operations, entrepreneurship, and cutting edge mental and behavioral health technologies. 


Technology isn’t just the wave of the future; it’s our present reality. The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit is just the push providers need to keep up with best practices and discover what’s at the forefront of a rapidly changing field.

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...Has the Technological Revolution left you spinning out of control, not knowing which direction to turn towards?

One of the tools I like to use to help keep behavioral health professionals at the forefront of their field may look somewhat familiar to you: SOAP Notes. I offer SOAP News on matters that concern this wonderful world of compassionate colleagues in the form of a digital SOAP Note.


...Get the latest mental health and professional industry news here. Whether you are just starting out as a new clinician or you've been in practice for years, we've got your clinical business questions covered.

Digital Divide

Nov 08, 2020


Oct 20, 2020

On Empathy

Nov 04, 2020

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  Whether you are just starting out as a new clinician or you've been in practice for years, we've got your clinical business questions covered.

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The landscape of the mental health frontier is rapidly changing, and it calls us to change with it, lest we be left behind.

Whether you are graduating or a veteran, you face new obstacles. Know that wherever you are in your clinical journey, I will meet you, walk beside you, and help guide you towards the direction you are seeking to go.

This is a special community who supports others, and I hope I can offer support to you as you learn, advance, and become the entrepreneur you have always dreamt of becoming. If this is what you are seeking, you have found where you belong.

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