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“Being in Business is the Best Way to Be In-Service.”

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About Clinical Process Group

Here, at Clinical Career Collective, we’re more than frontline responders to the soul. We’re a community of like-minded practitioners and professionals, who understand that being in business is the best way to be in-service.

We are a consortium of creators, healers, therapreneurs, and soul-tenders, whose mission is to bring together cutting-edge technological resources with mental and behavioral health-based industry information; that educates and inspires the mental health professional, with entrepreneurial know-how and small business acumen.

Are you a therapist, psychologist, counselor, coach, teacher, or practitioner, who needs some help achieving your big goals this year?

What if you could be a part of a small & intimate therapist coaching and support group, that would teach you how to launch and grow your new private practice, over the next three months, would you take me up on that offer?

If that sounds perfect to you, then apply for our upcoming accountability, clinical-process group.

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A Few Benefits:

  1. Share your therapreneurial goals & dreams with your peers and colleagues
  2. Receive the right amount of accountability & support to reach your high, hard goals
  3. Learn how to harness new productivity and system-efficiencies that can Advance your newly acquired business skills as you Become the clinician you always dreamt of being.

Setting those big, outlandish, high, hard goals takes commitment, accountability, and perseverance.

Don’t Just Take My Word on This. 

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)...

You have a 65% chance of reaching your goals if you commit to someone as an accountability partner.

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)...

That increases to 95% if you make it tangible and recurring.

➙ Put these two factors (Commitment & Accountability) together and you’ve got a recipe for success--you will get the results you want.

Sound good? Join our community, Clinical Process Group, today.

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Grow Your Clinical Practice Today


We created this forum to help you launch your clinical-based business so your vision stays true to your mission and purpose with ease and accountability.

Our Process Group sets you up for success with:

✓ Weekly accountability calls

✓ Shared resources

✓ Pop-up training

✓ Accessibility to experts, and...

✓ A community of like-minded, goal-oriented, in-service leaders and professionals.

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Only 8 Spots Available

Clinical Process Group

Take your career to the next level. Join me and learn the ropes of running and operating your new clinical practice, while receiving the emotional support and encouragement you need to advance and expand your reach, as part of our growing collective of mental health, in-service professionals.

Note: This group is limited to 6-8 people, so once it is full, it will be closed until I offer it again.

Here's all the details:

  • Monthly 90-minute Zoom call

  • Everyone gets an accountability partner

  • A private group for interaction in between calls

  • 30-minute coaching call with me in the first month

  • Opportunities for break-out groups and hot seat coaching

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To Our Clinical Success!

Hi, I’m Amity. I'm the founder of C3 and the host of the successful virtual summit called The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit.

I help the mental and behavioral health professional cross the digital divide so they can stay active, engaged, and relevant in today’s evolving mental and behavioral healthcare industry.

If you are looking to connect with other mental health professionals and grow your private clinical practice, then our clinical process coaching group program is for you.

I only open up a few spaces every quarter to those who want to make significant strides in their clinical work while having a greater impact on those they serve.

- Amity Cooper