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“With An Open Heart and Open Mind, We All Can Be Virtually Unlimited”

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About This 7-Day Bootcamp

Did your degree in the world of behavioral health leave you uneducated and ill-prepared in all areas of practical business know-how? This 7-day Bootcamp will guide you on how you can successfully establish and open your own private practice, in just 7 days.

Are you unsure what to focus on first?

More and more people are on the brink of depression, anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty--and need your help but you don’t know which way to turn.

They need you and your services now.

See how being in-business is the best way to be in-service.

After All The Time, Money, & Sacrifices We Make For Our Degree...

...many of us graduate without any understanding or skillset to establish ourselves as clinical business owners

Our Institutions Left Out The Important & Critical Stuff Like:

  • The Fundamentals of Private Practice

  • The Mental Health Industry Maze: insurance, private vs. agency work

  • The Network and Expanding your Clinical Reach

  • The Career Development 

  • Transitioning from Clinical to Professional

The Facts Are That Our Future Clients Are Trying To Figure Out The Very Same Things:

  • How to create value out in the world
  • Have a prosperous career--getting paid what they are worth
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Stand in their own truth by fighting imposter syndrome
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more aligned with their life choices

Feeling Overwhelmed and Discouraged?

If you want to move the needle forward and launch that clinical career you were dreaming about--let me show you how to establish and open your private practice in just 7-days.

Opening your clinical practice can be as easy as 1,2,3...

By following our customized career path for fledgling mental health professionals, you can move from fear and overwhelm to confident and focused.

Once you understand the basic biology of business, you can take action quickly by:

  1. Establishing your professional identity
  2. Honing your niche market
  3. Setting your financial goals and
  4. Systemizing your front and back office and...
  5. Turning on your practice marketing funnel that drive clients through your doors

So that your life and practice can become virtually unlimited!

About Your Instructor

After 18+ years as a successful entrepreneur, Amity Cooper went back to school to become a counselor.

Distressed by the lack of practical business education during her clinical training, Ms. Cooper found her calling and launched The Clinical Career Collective, a professional development company to support and instruct the mental health professional, at large, about in-service entrepreneurship, exponential technologies, and the changing landscape of the mental health frontier.

Her aim is to provide small business therapreneurs practical hands-on tools and resources, to assess, build, and launch successful clinical practices that incorporate new technologies and systems for the modern mental health practitioner of today.


The ‘Do This First’ 7-Day Bootcamp Is A Beta Group Offer For Anyone In The Helping Professions Who Want To Quickly & Efficiently Open Their Private Practice...

...Even if you lack basic business knowledge.



Therapists | Coaches | Mental Health Counselors | Psychologists | Alternative Body Workers | Mental & Behavioral Healthcare Professionals


What If You Had A Magic Wand & Could See Into The Future?

✔ Imagine the clinical and business worlds wouldn’t appear to be so daunting or disorganized.

✔ Instead of acting like a rookie, you stand tall in your training and you have a compass to point you in the right direction and...

✔ You are recognized as the professional you trained to be, with the skills and a message that serves your greater community.

✔ Who says that the road towards a thriving professional practice should be so hard and so financially depleting!

✔ You’ve already invested thousands of dollars in your education and training, why leave your future up to chance now?

“My business is my tool and catalyst to improving and bettering society.”
-Amity Cooper


7-Days to Opening Your Private Practice
My 7-Day Intensive Course, Do This First Bootcamp, will deliver modules that go in-depth on the following topics:

DAY 1:


DAY 2:


DAY 3:


DAY 4:

Value Delivery

DAY 5:


DAY 6:

1-Page Business Plan

DAY 7:


You’ll also walk away with an informative workbook to help further guide you on what to do first.

✔ No need to feel stressed about what’s coming next because you’ve got a plan
✔ No more confusion about your private practice vision because you’ve got a map
✔ No more waiting for the right time to begin because you’ve got a vision


Committing To This Challenge Is Saying To The World - & To Yourself - That You Believe In Your Abilities To Become The Best Mental Health Professional You Can Be.

By building this foundation, you proclaim to the world - your worth, value, and expertise.

The results are obvious. The benefits and gains are abundant.

Remember, the world needs people like you. You are a frontline responder to the soul. 

Your oxygen mask is on and you can help make the difference for so many.

You just need a pathway to follow so you can begin to reach the audience you were meant to serve.

Come with me. To Our Clinical Success!

"Amity's service is great for understanding the more technical and business aspects for our profession in addition to having great social support network..."

~ Grant Kobayashi-Hinds

The Do This First Bootcamp Is An Intensive 7-day Course That Takes You On A Deep Dive On What You Need To Do First Before Launching Your Practice.

You’ll get a comprehensive look at the 5 elements of every business: Product, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance, that will clarify and succinctly take you step-by-step through the organizational structure of your clinical practice.

Right now, through the month of May, you have a window of opportunity that is incredible.

Beta Group Discount
My First Three Cohorts Are Offered At A Beta Group Price Of Only $497 - That’s $500 Off For Those Doing The Math.

The information that I plan to deliver will be the same, with one minor tweak...But because you are the first 3 groups to get this information, I am relying on you for honest feedback on the value of the content you received. In return you’ll not only get the $500 discounted price, you’ll get some amazing bonuses.

In addition to a crazy savings of $500 off the normal price of $997, you get a bunch of bonuses to aid you on your path to owning a mental health practice.

Resources Include:

  • 7 daily modules, with brief tutorials, that take less than an hour to complete
  • Written and video supplemental content to keep and refer to later
  • Each evening of the week-long program, Amity goes live to answer your questions
  • A Do This First Workbook to keep all your information handy
  • Your Own, Do This First, Private Facebook Group for collaboration and discussion

Let’s Do This Together!

I will literally walk you through each step of opening and launching your private practice because I’m going to fling open the doors to my very own therapy practice.

✔ Watch and copy me as I take you through each module and exercise
✔ Do as I do so you don’t repeat or forget how to to design and implement your strategy
✔ Quickly implement the right steps, in the right order, with me
✔ Remember, in 7-days you can open your doors with confidence and expeditious efficiency

As part of this special cohort, your participation will set the course moving forward for other registrants. Please join me, as I show you how easy it can be to open and launch your practice in just 7-days.


Register Today & Get These Added Bonuses

  1. Complimentary TheraBox: our gift to you for your participation. Receive a collection of curated items from our team at C3 that support your new business (valued at $97.00)
  2. One-Page Editable Business Plan: Your Actionable Summary Report for your new clinical business & practice (valued at $500)
  3. Your personal Do This First Workbook: a reference guidebook to store all your notes (valued at $1000)
  4. Complimentary 15-minute consultation following completion of program (valued at $75.00)
  5. Live Group Q&A (valued at $200)

*These bonuses have a grand total value of over $1800
That equals a graduate school course fee without the 6-8 week investment

Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

And you don’t need to worry about Buyer’s Remorse either. I have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Watch the first module. If this isn’t for you, email me by 7pm/EST on the day of the first module, and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

This course is intentionally designed to cut through the mental clutter to save you time, money, and energy.

Why Wait? Learn, Advance, and Become the Therapreneur you always dreamed of.

Total Investment: $497 (Regularly priced @ $997)


The Stress Over Decision-Making Can Be Anxiety Provoking & Lead To Worry & Regret. These Questions Might Be Swirling Around In Your Head...

WHO: Who is your ideal client? Do you have a niche market that you’d like to serve?
WHICH: Which marketing strategies will reach your target audience?
WHAT: Knowing what do you need to do first?
WHERE: Will your practice be brick-and-mortar, online, or a combination?
WHEN: Is the timing right? Are ready to launch your business and clinical practice?
WHY: What is your ‘WHY’ for every choice you make?
HOW: How will you finance your endeavor? How do you measure your return on investment?

These are all valid questions and concerns and I can help you answer them.

Do This First Bootcamp jumpstarts honing your strategies.

The material you get in this program saves you time and energy. It helps you make educated decisions on where to best place your money.

It provides you with actionable steps you can implement to attract clients more efficiently and effectively. Best of all, it all happens within the course of 7 days!

I know it can seem daunting when you are choosing where to direct your finances.

The Do This First Bootcamp was designed to help the mental health professional in the most affordable, expeditious way.

I have distilled this information down for you, with nearly 20 years of successful entrepreneurial business skills and strategies, to help you cut through the clutter.

All, to save You time, energy, and money.


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Learn. Advance. Become. Belong.

Best wishes to you and your clinical success,
~ Amity Cooper

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