I come from a long line of entrepreneurs--self-made innovators and creators.

My formal education and background is based in liberal arts and small business marketing and operations. With an M.A. in Applied Communications, I honed my negotiation and mediation skills, but my true training came from a lifelong curiosity around people, places, and cultures.

My experiences--in both life and business, have taught me well. I'm grateful for the journey--and for all those bumps, twists, and turns, because they've led me to where I am today.

After years of striving for an externally motivated outcome, I was called to a deeper, richer internal purpose.

Eventually, I returned to school and trained to become a professional counselor.

To my surprise, most of my colleagues struggled to make ends meet while trying to serve others.

Once they graduated, most were stuck in a rut, and didn’t know how to move forward or worse--what to do first to successfully launch their careers.

Could they learn and operate their practice like an entrepreneur while still being a good clinician?

That answer is why I founded the Clinical Career Collective (a.k.a. C3).

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Amity Cooper

...is an in-service clinical brand strategist for budding therapreneurs. She created C3, a membership and community hub for mental health professionals, at-large, to support the clinical on their road to licensure and beyond.

After more than 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and launching multiple start-up businesses in different industries, Amity made it her purpose to help her fellow colleagues embrace their inner entrepreneurial spirit by showing them that being in-business is the best way of being in-service.

In November 2020, close to 1000 mental health professionals joined Amity for her first virtual summit called Virtually Unlimited...The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit. Adapting Technologies for a Modern Mental Health Practice; a 7-day virtual event to discuss the intersection of mental health, entrepreneurship, and exponential technologies affecting our mental health industry today.

“How we do what we’re called to do...I think that’s called the hero’s journey…”

-Dr. Carol Pearson, Author

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I’ve made it my mission to educate, advance, and bring together our community to discuss all topics relating to mental & behavioral health, entrepreneurship, and the new, exponential technologies affecting our industry today.