How can you adapt and succeed in today’s modern, mental health practice amidst a worldwide pandemic?

Join us November 2nd. 

As the pandemic changed how the business could be done, Amity Cooper saw the detrimental impact this was having in the mental health community.

To support her fellow colleagues and the communities that they serve, she created Virtually Unlimited... 
The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit - Adapting technologies for modern mental health practice.

It’s time to break those glass ceilings and embrace your inner-entrepreneur. 

Learn how you can...

  • Streamline your clinical practice
  • Introduce your inner healer to your inner entrepreneur 
  • Build connections, promote and attract clients while
    being in- service & in-business for yourself
  • Utilize new standards for operating clinical company systems developments tools 

Everything came to a sudden halt when COVID-19 came to town. Clients’ stress levels skyrocketed as mental health professionals scrambled to meet the needs of clients in a world of social distancing and quarantines. 

SHIFT to a better way!

Amity Cooper has made it her purpose to help her fellow mental health professionals embrace their inner entrepreneurial spirit by showing them that being
in-business is the best way of being in-service. 

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If you feel like you are behind the curve with new technology, best practices, and strategies to learn, adapt and become the supportive leader you are meant to be, then you are in the right place.

This world-class online training for mental health providers will show you how, even during this time of global crisis, an open heart and an open mind make it virtually impossible to fail.  Join this free event to learn, adapt, and become a beacon of hope and possibility to those who struggle.  

Every day you help others. Let experts in your field help you. From the comfort of your couch, listen as therapreneur Amity Cooper interviews top experts in the field of mental health and technology.

The Healing Entrepreneurship Summit delivers you powerful trainings with the leaders in healthcare and entrepreneurship sharing the most effective pivots into the online world,  to help you run a successful practice. There are more opportunities than ever to help you help humanity.

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November 2nd - 7th

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